New Products in the Pipeline

Howdy Sausage Lovers,

We're a bit behind on posting about the awesome food events we've participated in nonstop all Winter and Spring but, for now, here's some juicy, meaty news for you.

Recently, Uli splurged on a fantastic new smoker and we're in full experimentation mode. Some exciting new products are in the works.

Our Brand Spanking New Maurer-Atmos Behemoth

We've been smoking our cajun andouille, bacon sausage, cheese krainers, bacon, and even whole chickens (because why not?!). We're also making all sorts of cured goods such as beer bites and beef jerky.

Double Smoked Bacon Sausage

Smoked Bacon

Beer Bites (Top to Bottom): Cured South African Boerewors, Cured Spanish Chorizo, and Cured Traditional Beer Bites

Whole Smoked Chickens

We'll keep you posted on when and where these new products are available once they're released into the wild!

Finally, check back very soon for an exciting announcement. That's all we can say for now.

Happy grilling!


Uli on Air - 99.9 KISW Mens Room Radio Show

Hey sausage lovers! In case you missed it, Uli was on air yesterday for 99.9 KISW's Mens Room radio show talking about the new Mens Room Original Sausage. Hopefully those of you who tuned in learned a bit about how we do things at Uli's Famous Sausage. When it comes to crafting delicious sausage, no one does it better. If you are somehow unconvinced, here's a little story that shows how we roll:

For special occasions with exceptional people, we like to do special things. In addition to cooking up some Mens Room Original Sausage for the guys, an experiment was in order a few hours before the show. Our plan of action: take some bacon sausage, pour bourbon maple syrup on it and see if it's any good. Yes, yes it is indeed.

We're perfectionists so that still wasn't quite going to cut it for the KISW crew. Pre-made bourbon maple syrup can certainly be improved and we settle for nothing but the best. Here's what we did and it's easy, so try it for yourself: Melt some butter in a saucepan (3-4 tablespoons), add maple syrup (1-1.5 cups), and add a healthy dose of bourbon (2-3 tablespoons). Stir, adjust to taste, and voila, bourbon maple syrup butter sauce! 

Mission accomplished.


The Mens Room Original Sausage - Available Now!


The Mens Room Original Sausage - Available Now!

Hey folks, we have big news! After months of hard work by everyone involved, today marks the launch of The Mens Room Original Sausage. In collaboration with 99.9 KISW The ROCK of Seattle and Elysian Brewing Company, we are proud to bring you a bold new sausage infused with Elysian's Mens Room Original Red beer. What could possibly go better with an ice cold pint of Pacific Northwest brew than a delicious handcrafted beer bratwurst?

A portion of all sales go to support veterans and their families through the VA Puget Sound Fisher House and Ft. Lewis Fisher House.

Hungry? Come down to Uli's Bierstube in Pike Place Market and grab a sandwich or bring a pound (or a few) home to share with friends and family. Rock on Seattle!