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Locally owned and operated by German Master Butcher Uli Lengenberg. Uli’s Famous Sausage first opened its doors in the iconic Pike Place Market in May 2000. Though born and raised in Germany, Uli founded his first sausage business in Taiwan. While in Taipei, Uli cultivated his passion for and knowledge of the world’s flavors and spices, bringing them to life in his famous Taiwanese kitchen.

(Uli can speak some mandarin)

Uli’s goal was to bring Seattle his own elite artisan sausage styles from techniques and recipes learned from a lifetime of travel and training, along with a genuine commitment of service and community to his customers and neighbors. We believe in providing only the highest quality sausages for our customers. With over 40 years of sausage production experience, Uli’s Famous Sausage is made daily from the best cuts of meat, the finest in-house blended spices, and, most importantly, with love for our craft and customers.

Sausage Company Seattle WA
Famous Sausage Seattle WA
Famous Sausage Store Seattle WA

Featured by several of Seattle’s top chefs,
Uli’s Famous Sausage is all-natural, has no fillers, and has no unnecessary preservatives.

All of our production takes place in-house, providing consistent, delicious results you can depend on.

Ulis’ stringent German processing methods often surpass USDA requirements. Uli continues to perfect the flavors his customers love worldwide from his Seattle headquarters.

*Federal Regulations Prohibit the Use of Hormones or Steroids in Pork

His family was in the restaurant business, and he recalls how his grandmother, a home economics teacher, was fastidious in her meal preparation: “She was a master housewife and fussy on the right way to handle food. When I was a young lad, she put me in the kitchen…and kept saying ‘let Uli do it…he knows what to do.'” Now at 61 years of age, Uli has never forgotten the life lessons learned about food from his grandmother.


Sausage Market Seattle WA
Best Sausage Company Seattle WA

Born and raised in the region between Cologne and Frankfurt, Siegerland, he apprenticed at a small butcher shop in his neighboring village.


After his journeyman years, and a growing passion for culinary arts, Uli decided to get his master’s degree in butchering and sausage making in order to become a GERMAN Master Butcher near Heidelberg, in the …


Sausage Store Seattle WA
German Sausage Seattle WA

Uli honed his skills in various jobs around Siegerland. 


Uli wanted to travel and see the world. He joined his friends in Asia and found a growing opportunity for European flavors and place for his skills in Taiwan.  Uli opened a number of delis in which he produced his sausage and meat items. Because of his growing customer base in the international community, he was asked to create and develop a variety of unique flavors that reminded them of their home country. Uli worked with different embassies and other expatriates who shared their recipes and secrets of spices and flavors that he applied to his hand-crafted meat specialties.  He plied the trade for 12 years before moving to the U.S. with his wife Jean.



Famous Sausage Store Seattle WA
Uli’s Famous Sausage Shop Seattle WA

“Seattle is very much a high tech area with communications and aerospace companies like Boeing and others employing a large number of German workers,” Uli explains. “Opening up a shop making those Old World style products was a natural thing for me. Exploring the Seattle sausage market, it was easy for him to open up a shop in the iconic Pike Place Market selling handcrafted international flavors.

Uli’s Famous Sausage opened its doors at Seattle’s popular Pike Street Market in May, 2000, with a retail sausage shop, and later Uli added his casual dining restaurant called Uli’s Bierstube.


Due to the growing demand for his artisan product,

Uli bought his own building and built his state-of-the-art Gourmet Sausage Factory.

2014- 2023

Famous Sausage Store Seattle WA

Meet Uli


(206) 839-1000

Every product should and must have its own distinct personality.

My customers do not buy my sausages because of price. They buy them because they are great products. Every one of them is made with dedication and caring. I believe in the proper amount of spices and flavoring and the best cuts of meat possible."

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