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Artisan sausage styles from techniques and recipes learned from a lifetime of travel.

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About Uli

Locally owned and operated by German Master Butcher Uli Lengenberg. Uli’s Famous Sausage first opened its doors in the iconic Pike Place Market in May 2000. Though born and raised in Germany, Uli founded his first sausage business in Taiwan. While in Taipei, Uli cultivated his passion for and knowledge of the world’s flavors and spices, bringing them to life in his famous Taiwanese kitchen.

Uli’s goal was to bring Seattle his own elite artisan sausage styles from techniques and recipes learned from a lifetime of travel and training, along with a genuine commitment to service and community to his customers and neighbors. We believe in providing only the highest quality sausages for our customers. With over 40 years of sausage production experience, Uli’s Famous Sausage is made daily from the best cuts of meat, the finest in-house blended spices, and, most importantly, with love for our craft and customers.

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Whether across town or across the country Uli’s is there for you. Pick us up at the factory (call us first!) or have us delivered right to your door. Check our factory hours here.
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What Our Customers Say

Buy From the Best Sausage Store in Seattle, WA

Uli’s Famous Sausage Factory is your source for quality sausage. We are a local tradition with over four decades as a leading sausage shop in Seattle, WA. You can buy locally or order online. We offer a wide range of artisan sausages and other fine food products, including chicken, lamb, and pork.

Uli’s Famous Sausage Factory produces fresh sausage, which is distributed and sold through a variety of local restaurants and grocery stores. Our selection of foods includes options to suit all tastes and budgets. Browse our inventory.

Choose the Best Special Sausage Company in Seattle, WA

Master butcher Uli Lengenberg opened the first Uli’s Famous Sausage Place over 20 years ago, but brings over 40 years of sausage production experience. Our sausages are made fresh daily using only the best cuts of meat and in-house recipes perfected by Uli over the decades.

Thanks to our quality selection of artisan sausages, we have become the top destination for Italian and German sausages in Seattle, WA. You can buy directly from our factory, a local restaurant, or online.

We are located at 843 Rainier Ave South Seattle, WA 98144, but our meats are sold through over 130 different sausage vendors in Seattle, WA. You can buy our sausages from some of your favorite restaurants and stores in the Seattle area.

We also have a large inventory of meats and merchandise available online. Shop for the best sausage products from the comfort of your home. You do not need to live in Seattle to enjoy quality sausage. Order online today!

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